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Péters Surgical is the largest manufacturer of Sutures in France and the fourth largest in the world. We are proud to have been their UK distributor since 2002 . They produce a wide range of top quality sutures using their own high grade stainless steel needles and suture materials designed to their own standards. Many of the materials are unique and have been carefully selected to ensure maximum performance





Péters Surgical manufacture their own needles from a refined stainless steel 300 series alloy for increased tensile strength and ductility compared to competitors’ needles. 


They are also silicon coated with a regular, uniform coating for ease of slide through tissue which reduces the trauma when compared to standard needles.


Download a datasheet on all the available needle sizes and options


Péters Surgical have designed their packaging to optimise the access to the sutures. The sutures are supplied in Onepak® packaging which enables easy needle access and quick, convenient identification.


  • One peel pouch + one cardboard for non-absorbable sutures

  • Easy access to the needles

  •  L-shaped foam 

  • Protected needles

  • Easy to unwind


  • One peel pouch + one foil + cardboard inner for absorbables

  • Easy access to the needles

  • L shaped foam: two levels for the needles

  • Needle protection

  • Easy removal of the suture wideloop


Corolene Sutures have their own specifically designed packaging - long packs minimise the polypropylene memory effect




Easy to access packaging

Multipack Options

For Cardiac Valve repair procedures Multipack options are an excellent option to simplify the use of multiple sutures

  • 10 identical sutures in the same pack

  • 5 green threads + 5 white or black threads

  • Each suture is isolated from the others

  • No risk of knots

  • Simpler and faster arming

The company has a long and distinguished history in the development of Cardiovascular sutures and has designed a number of unique products in conjunction with some of the leading Cardiac surgeons including Professor Carpentier.


In use at hospitals worldwide , Péters Surgical sutures represent an excellent combination of premium performance and value for money

Surgical Sutures 

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