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The most widely used sutures are listed here with a short description and a downloadable PDF datasheet . They are grouped into Absorbable , Non-Absorbable and Ophthalmic Sutures - click on a heading to go directly to that section.

OPTIME RAPIDE ® Fast Absorbable Treated Polyglycolic Acid Braid

Undyed, fast absorbable braid for short term support / small wounds

  • Very good knot holding

  • Very soft thread

  • Excellent biocompatibility

  • Total absorption time 42 days

  • Strength retention time 10 – 14 days

OPTIME® Medium Absorbable Treated Polyglycolic Acid Braid

Fine, soft braid for subcutaneous and deep tissue


  • High initial strength

  • Very soft and easy sliding of knots

  • Excellent knot reliability

  • High biocompatibility

  • Total absorption time 60 – 90 days

  • Strength retention time 28 – 35  days

ADVANTIME® Medium Absorbable Poliglecaprone 25 Monofilament (PGA-CL)

Monofilament for soft tissue healing and excellent cosmetic wound results


  • Smooth Atraumatic tissue penetration

  • Very Mild tissue reaction

  • Minimal scarring gives excellent cosmetic results

  • Reduces postoperative adhesion

  • Easy sliding of knots

  • High knot tensile strength

  • Soft and silky to the touch

  • Total absorption time 90 -120  days

  • Strength retention time 21 - 28 days

MONOTIME® Slow Absorbable Polydioxanone Monofilament (PDO)

 For slow healing tissues

  •  Minimal tissue trauma: perfect slide

  • Very good knot holding

  • Excellent tissue tolerance

  • High strength in contact with aggressive biological fluids (urine, bile, pancreatic fluid)

  • 50% absorption after 60 - 90 days

  • Total absorption time 180 - 210 days

  • Strength retention time 60 - 90 days




COROLENE® Polypropylene


  •  Unique thread extrusion process

  • Exceptional strength compared to competitors’ products

  • Perfect slide  - no need to wet the thread

  • Special packaging to minimise Memory effect



  • Excellent long term stability

  • Very high strength even on small USP

  • Exceptional elasticity and Minimal memory

  • High biocompatibility  (very important for paediatric)

  • Excellent knot strength

CARDIONYL® Polyamide Monofilament


  • Minimal memory

  • Very supple

  • Guaranteed knot strength

  • Optimal elasticity - reduces the number of knots required

CARDIOXYL® Silicon Coated Polyester Braid


  • Silicone coating for ease of use to speed valve placement

  • Slides through tissue with ease – the lowest friction of any of its competitors

  • Simplifies knot adjustability and positioning

CARDIOFLON EVOLUTION ® Silicon Coated Polyester Braid


  • Very high strength
  • Superior suppleness  


Square body needles

 better resistance to torsion

 better handling in the needle holder

Class 300 Stainless steel Needles

Ultra Precise grinding 

Large range of threads: Absorbables, Nylon, Polyester, Silk, Virgin Silk, Polypropylene

Needle sizes from 4/0 down to 11/0

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Non Abs
Ophthalmic Sutures
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