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No React Cardiac and Vascular Patches



  • No-React® Treated Porcine Pericardial Patches for Cardiac and Vascular Surgery

  • Demonstrated to reduce adhesions , resist calcification and offer high biocompatibility

  • No pre-rinsing necessary, patches are ready to use so save preparation time

  • High tensile and pull strength

  • Available as Flat or Curved patches

  • Wide range of sizes - customised sizes also available to avoid wastage

  • Vascular patches have curved ends

Flat Patches Sizes

NRPP-01x07   1 x 7 cm

NRPP-02x07   2 x 7 cm

NRPP-02x09   2 x 9 cm

NRPP-03x03   3 x 3 cm



NRPP-04x04   4 x 4 cm

NRPP-05x05   5 x 5 cm

NRPP-06x10   6 x 10 cm

NRPP-08x14   8 x 14 cm

Curved Patches for Norwood Procedure


The No-React range of patches includes a unique option of a pre-formed curved patch for aortic arch reconstruction which offers a very effective alternative to homografts and unlike homografts , No-React® patches do not calcify:


 "Aortic arch reconstruction was performed using a preformed curved xeno- pericardial patch/conduit (BioIntegral Surgical, Inc, Canada) after the year 2002 because of our experience with the use of aortic and pulmonary homografts for aortic reconstruction showing extensive calcifications at Fontan completion. This is a commercially available curved patch specifically designed for a use in Norwood-type procedures. With the No-React treatment this patch is free of calcification at Comprehensive Stage II and Fontan completion."

Yerebakan et al,  Paediatric Heart Centre Giessen (J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg 2014)


Curved No-React® Porcine Patches are available in 4 diameters and lengths.


Curved Patches Sizes

NRPP-09m07 9mm Diameter ; Min length 7cm


NRPP-11m09 11mm Diameter ; Min length 9cm


NRPP-13m11 13 mm Diameter; Min length 11cm


NRPP- 15m12 15 mm Diameter; Min length 12 cm




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