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Keeler Loupes - Handmade in the UK


The secret of great loupes is simple: top quality Schott glass and a rigid and consistent approach to the lens grinding and polishing process.
Keeler has been manufacturing optics in the UK for over 90 years and their laser aligned optics provide you with not only superb fields of view but outstanding magnification.


Keeler Loupes are avaialable in 4 different formats: Standard , Mini, Hi Res and Prismatic - and there is a range of accessories including LED lights to give you a complete system for all your needs.


And Keeler Frames are designed to be very comfortable and highly practical , incorporating a 3-way flip-up hinge to allow for maximum flexibility in adjustment. Loupes can be further enhanced with the optional Keeler LED Light system.


Standard Loupes
Mini Loupes
  • All round performance

  • Larger field of view

  • Two lens system



Keeler Galilean loupes offer magnifications of 2.5x and 3x in up to 4 different working distances.

Keeler magnifying loupes are ideal for general surgical work when increased magnification and a large field of view are required. Fixed working distance and superior depth of focus means improved posture with no need for stooping


  • Lightweight

  • Excellent image

  • Quality optics

  • Great field of view


Mini Loupes are designed to be ultra light and comfortable with minimal compromise in field of view. Absolute comfort is our achievement; excellent peripheral vision is the added benefit of our slim design.





Hi Res Loupes
Prismatic Loupes
  • Bright image

  • Larger field of view

  • Excellent edge clarity

The four lens high index coated optical system of the
Hi-Res Loupes gives you three times magnification, a bright image and a larger field of view than the Keeler Standard 3.0x Loupe. Hi-Res Loupes also have excellent definition, stunning performance and great looks.

  • Up to 5.5x magnification

  • Total edge to edge clarity

  • Sophisticated multi component optical system

Greater magnification and edge clarity at surgical working distances can only be achieved by using a sophisticated lens and prism system.
Our Prismatic loupes use a double or Schmidt-Pechan prism to extend the optical path without significantly increasing the length and weight of the telescope body. The prismatic optical system delivers exceptional clarity for the experienced loupe user


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