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Keeler Frames

Keeler Frames


The Keeler Sport Wrap-Around frame is a blend of art, science and engineering that forms the link between you and your loupes. Designed with materials to withstand the rigours of professional use and delivering the comfort for extended procedures the frame becomes part of you. Available in a choice of 5 colours : Black, Red, Dark Blue, Sky Blue and Pink.

Flip up hinge
The correct posture, viewing angle and keeping in contact with your patient are all benefits of ‘flip up’ loupes. Our skilfully designed three way adjustable hinge allows you to create the perfect position and angle of incidence for your loupes. When you need to write some notes or communicate with your patient – simply ‘flip them up’, easy. Need a different working distance or magnification? Simply remove your loupes from the hinge and replace them with an alternative pair.


Sterility and cleanliness
The loupes removable flip lever and protective caps are easily removed and are designed to be autoclaveable to ensure the bio safety of you and your patients

Adjustable nose pads
Small but so important. You have a choice of two styles of nose pads, both made from a flexible hypoallergenic material that allows you to contour them to fit perfectly and hold your loupes securely. The nose pads are height adjustable so that you can achieve perfect comfort and the optimal position for your loupe system.

Weight is important – but equally important is the distribution of the weight which is where the Keeler Frame excels. A quality optical system relies on glass and metal for the key components. Plastic is too unstable to provide continuous quality. We have worked tirelessly to ensure the weight of our quality components is distributed comfortably.




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