Aortic BioConduit



  • Resists stenosis, calcification, dilatation, and thrombosis - see the 10 year follow up paper

  • Excellent haemodynamics and easy to implant

  • Resists tissue “remodelling” that can lead to dilatation in the Ross procedure

  • 18 years clinical experience

  • No long-term anticoagulation needed in any population

  • Demonstrated to resist infection as well as a homograft

  • Can be oversized to maximize flow

  • No dilatation due to effective No-React treatment

  • Zero porosity: one layer of bovine pericardium

  • Promotion of functional endothelial lining

  • Available in a variety of sizes (21 - 29mm) to prevent mismatch

The only all-biological valved conduit for use in the aortic position

Combines a Porcine Valve with Bovine Conduit - no synthetic material

BioConduit Implantation Video

Pulmonic BioConduit

The BioIntegral Surgical No‐React®‐treated BioPulmonic Conduit prosthesis is an all biological valved conduit intended as a replacement for diseased or damaged pulmonic valve and artery. This prosthesis is also indicated for the Ross procedure when the patient’s pulmonic valve is implanted in the aortic position.


This prosthesis can be an alternative to a pulmonic homograft, or for small children who need a replacement of their pulmonic valve or the total right ventricular outflow, and have no good existing all‐biological alternatives.


The BioPulmonic Conduit is the safest pulmonic conduit, even compared to homografts  (see technical sheet)


Demonstrated to resist infection as well as homografts


Clinically proven to withstand calcification and tissue degeneration

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