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Clinical Studies

Kerecis Omega3 Wound grafts  were used to treat 20 chronic hard-to-heal ulcers.

  • Outpatient setting non-sponsored trial

  • All 20 wounds healed completely, average time to heal was 6,2 weeks.

  • Average number of applications of Kerecis was 6.

  • Natural treatment using combined effects of the Kerecis fish skin and medical honey.


87% of Wounds Improved or Healed after 4 Weeks of Treatment with Acellular Fish Skin - A Retrospective Study on 68 Wounds
  • 68 patient retrospective study of wounds non-responsive to standard of care, various wound types

  • Standard operating procedure was a four week period of standard wound care in a tertiary wound center, if non responsive then a four week period of Kerecis.

  • 87% of the wounds showed significant improvement after the 4 week period and either had healed or continued use of Kerecis

  • 38,5% decrease in use of antibiotics in the 4 weeks of Kerecis evaluation compared to the 4 weeks of standard of care.

Phlebologie -Kerecis Omega3 wound matrix for the treatment of complicated wounds
  • A peer reviewed non-sponsored case series on very hard to heal ulcers with a mixed diabetic and vascular origin. All patients had gone through other advanced wound care options such as VAC without response and been scheduled for proximalization of amputation but Kerecis was tried as a last chance treatment.

  • Wound closure was achieved in all patients with complicated wounds with exposed bone segments. The treatment itself was endowed with high level of acceptance by the patient as well as the physician because of the handling characteristics of the patch. A marked reduction in pain was noted in all patients and one discontinued opiod treatment after two weeks treatment. Kerecis Omega3 prevented proximalization of amputation level.

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