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CardiaMed Mechanical Valves


Increased durability
Increased resistance to thrombosis

With over 100,000 implants worldwide the unique CardiaMed Solid Carbon Rotating Leaflet Valve is a highly durable, superbly engineered valve that has an unparalleled record of reliability and performance. 

The leaflets rotate with every heartbeat and combined with the elimination of the traditional pivot hinge this means that the valve greatly reduces the risk of thrombosis because of the highly effective washing action through the valve


Unlike other carbon-coated valves, this valve is made entirely from solid pyrolytic carbon from CardiaMed's own factory - leaflets and housing are all solid carbon. This means that the valve can be engineered in complex 3D shapes that would not be possible with carbon-coating and the surfaces can be machined to within 1 micron precision to produce ultra-smooth surfaces that resist platelet adhesion far better than other leading valves.

Other benefits of the CardiaMed Valve include:

Precise sizing - the valves are exactly the diameter as designated -for example,  a 23mm valve is exactly 23mm diameter enabling the optimal matching of the valve to the patient . Other manufacturers' valves may not be as accurate. Measurements of sizers and valves from other manufacturers have shown variations in sizes between the marked sizes on the devices and their actual physical diameters .

Single Use sterile sizers provided in the box with each valve - ensures that a sizer is always available , no need to depend on having a full set of sterilised sizers in theatre.

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