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BioIntegral Surgical No-React® Cardiac Devices


BioIntegral Surgical manufactures cardiac and vascular implants made from all-biological materials using the No-React® treatment.


No-React® is a proprietary detoxification of glutaraldehyde-treated tissue. 18 years of clinical experience with No-React® devices shows reduced toxicity, enhanced biocompatibilty, lower rates of infection

and the promotion of endothelial lining. And they do not calcify. There is no evidence of calcification of the devices when they have been correctly implanted and the IFU followed.

















18 years of clinical experience with No-React® devices shows:


  • No calcification or deterioration 

  • Reduced toxicity

  • Enhanced biocompatibilty,

  • Lower rates of infection, adhesion

  • The promotion of endothelial lining.


BioIntegral Surgical are so confident of the durability of the valves that they offer a lifetime warranty on all the No-React® Valves - no matter what the age of the patient.


The No-React® tissue device range  is suitable for any age of patient



Read more about the No-React® process


The products are engineered from both a material and design perspective to enhance durability, biocompatibility, and ease of implantation.


The design philosophy is to solve structural heart issues by minimizing compromises to the patient or surgeon required by alternative devices or techniques. More consistent, simplified, and repeatable operative outcomes help to reduce morbidity and mortality.


Click on the links below to see full details of the range of devices which include the only all-biological aortic valved  conduit in the world - the BioConduit.





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