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Pierson Surgical Ltd is a specialist surgical products distributor, established in 2002. We offer a range of high quality, innovative products that aim to improve clinical efficiency and patient outcomes. Our ethos is to provide a very responsive, individualised service to surgeons and theatre teams.


We have been awarded several UK-wide Framework Agreements including NHS Supply Chain Frameworks for Sutures, Haemostats and Heart Valves as well as the Surgical Mesh Framework via Maquet. We are also on the LPP Heart Valves Framework and have been awarded National Framework Agreements by NHS Wales and NHS Scotland for the supply of Surgical Sutures.



The current product range includes:


  • BioIntegral Surgical Heart Valves and Patches– we are the UK Distributor  for the BioIntegral range of all-biological cardiac devices. BioIntegral Surgical manufactures devices using the No-React® treatment. No-React® is a proprietary detoxification of glutaraldehyde-treated tissue. 15 years of clinical experience with No-React® devices shows reduced toxicity, enhanced biocompatibility, lower rates of infection, adhesion, calcification, and the promotion of endothelial lining.

  • Péters Surgical Sutures – a full range of Absorbable and Non-Absorbable Sutures from the leading French manufacturer of sutures. Available through the NHS Supply Chain and offering a cost-effective alternative to other major brands. Excellent quality and proven reliability are the hallmarks of the Péters Surgical portfolio which includes a specialist range of sutures for Cardiac surgery which are used throughout the UK Cardiac Centres,

  • Maquet Atrium Surgical Mesh – we are the UK Distributor for Maquet for the Atrium range of mesh products which includes ProLite , ProLite Ultra and C-QUR mesh. All Atrium meshes are designed to be conformable , soft and supple whilst providing the required support for soft tissue repair. Pierson Surgical was previously responsible for the development of the UK market for Atrium Mesh before the acquisition of Atrium by Maquet and hence we have extensive experience with the product range and long-standing relationships with the user base.

  • Kerecis Omega3 Wound Graft – an exciting new product for the treatment of chronic wounds , an acellular fish skin dermal matrix which is achieving excellent results in all types of chronic wounds.

  • Seprafilm Adhesion Barrier – we were appointed by Sanofi as their exclusive UK distributor of the Seprafilm Adhesion Barrier which is the world’s most widely used Adhesion barrier which is clinically proven to reduce the incidence, extent and severity of adhesions. It has applicability in all surgical procedures where there is a risk of adhesions forming between organs and the surrounding tissue as a result of surgical trauma. It is particularly relevant for Abdominal and Pelvic surgery.

  • HaemoCer Plus Polysaccharide Powder Haemostat - rapid acting, safe and easy to use , HaemoCer Plus dehydrates blood and forms a gel matrix barrier over the bleeding site and is reabsorbed naturally by the body within 48 hours. It is the fastest acting, most absorbent powder of its type on the market and is applicable in virtually all types of surgery for the control of oozing bleeding.

  • Keeler Loupes - handmade in the UK , Keeler have been producing world class optics for over 90 years. The current range of magnification loupes, frames and accessories offer the ideal mix of precision engineering and comfort.

  • Delacroix-Chevalier Surgical Instruments - made to the highest standards of design and craftsmanship to provide the very best instruments available. The range includes Minimally Invasive instruments for Valve Surgery and Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery, designed in conjunction with Professor Obadia of Lyon Hospital.


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